Why am I writing this blog ???

Why am I writing this blog ???…..

2017 is going to be a big year for me… GrumpyBearMum, there are lots of big changes afoot and this blog was/is part of my new years resolution. To write something other than my diary to put my thoughts out there, to vent and to maybe help someone, just one person would do that struggles with life the same way that I do.

Things that are changing this year….: (Oh and I do know that it is March already but hey ho that’s life, it has a habit of getting in the way of good intentions.)

1 – Newly updated house to enjoy and live in

2 – New determination to be healthy

3 – Widget is taking her A-levels

4 – Widget will be having her first holiday with her friends and not with us

5 – Widget will be starting University

6 – David is 50

These are the main things that I can think of at the moment … added onto the list are that I am almost certainly perimenopausal – yes that is a word I am sure… and it is not fun…

Stick with me its going to be a bumpy ride !

End of my first post …. goodness knows where this journey is going to take me

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