Starting Out …

From my first post you have read about the reasons for this blog …

My idea was to write witty, amusing observations about the experience of a mum preparing both herself and her daughter who is about to embark on preparing for  University… Starting with the whole selection process – the journeys around the country looking at the various chosen Universities. narrowing down the options – deciding on the course – there are a whole raft of choices that have to made that require parental wisdom !!! The writing of the all important personal statement, vital life skills – learning to drive the usual “stuff”  a mum goes through with a 17 year old daughter … a 14 year old son …  2 dogs … & 2 horses … Dealing with all this whilst being perimenopausal  !!!

2016-08-10 20.58.52This is my beautiful family … I am so incredibly proud of them … It is because of them I want to be brave and put my thoughts out there … I want to keep writing my diary but not only in my “diary” but in this blog…

Things have however changed a bit –  my world has been turned upside down & inside out. A lump on my neck that the doctor thought was a swollen gland actually turned out to be cancer. After several different investigations … Ultrasounds, MRI’s, biopsies, a PET scan I was diagnosed with Throat & Neck Cancer… The primary being in my right tonsil, the secondary in a lymph node … Prognosis good … surgery to remove both tonsils & the lump followed by radiotherapy & possibly chemotherapy.

This is the journey I find myself embarking upon through no fault on my own…..

HERE WE GO ………Are you going to join me ?????


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