Here We Go Again ….

Well … That was one hell of a “Journey” … why do we as a society call the passage of a time “A Journey” ??? it both annoys me and then when I actually sit and think about it as I am now it is actually pretty accurate .  Today is 23rd March 2018 …. I have not written anything much in the past 10 months, it has been too hard.

I have kept up with my old fashioned hand written diary and for a while my posts were a direct copy of what I had written, as time and treatment progressed however this became impossible. The physical effects of my treatment made it too hard, it was as though my brain, thought process and the person I was had gone away somewhere I couldn’t reach.

So we are past the one year anniversary of my diagnosis; we are coming up to the anniversary of my surgery (1st April) and it is my birthday tomorrow 24th March – I will be 49 years Old… It has not passed my attention how lucky I am that I am able to celebrate another birthday and with a fair wind behind me many more to come …

If any of my friends find these literary efforts I can only apologise and please Snox’ be kind…




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