The Scar …

The Scar !!!!

So this is it … This is the SCAR … the result of my surgery, the surgery that hopefully has saved my life. I wasn’t brave enough to take any photos any earlier because it really is a big scar; I like to quote Freddie my friend Tracy’s son who exclaimed – ” Wow you look like Nearly Headless Nick !!! ” when he saw it a couple of days after surgery when I was home…. He was right. It runs from behind my right ear to the middle of my throat . It is not just the hug scar but having a tonsillectomy at 48 is no small matter, it hurts !!! not to mention the fact that I haemorrhaged after being home about 4 days and had to be rushed into hospital vomiting vast quantities of blood – not pleasant, not pleasant at all !!!  I have to be brave though, I have to get through this I have to there is no other option. I know that I am actually putting pen to paper almost exactly a year after the event but the thought and feelings have been in my head and heart almost continually during this time. It is true that I have been on auto pilot for a lot of what has happened to me but this scar … is always going to be there no matter what happens in the future I will always have this scar ….

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